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Maybe if I starve myself again I’ll have friends and my boyfriend won’t want to cheat on me

1 week ago
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Him: Babe are you on your period? ;)
Me: Aha. Ha. Die
Him: Yeah I could tell lol damn
Me: I’m not on my period-_-
Him: Oh

11 months ago
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Started at 148 in 2012, stayed around 130 in 2013, now I’m 113 and hopefully I’ll be 105 by spring

3 months ago
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Couldn’t study I was so bored. Took two extra strength tylonols and washed it down with a mug of 25% NyQuil and the rest water. Got blurry, ate an apple, sobered up and drove my girl to work. Now I’m texting my ex and eating carrots like a starved rabbit.

1 year ago
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